Adrian Rogers: Getting Ready for the Rapture [#1581] (Audio)

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Publicado en 30 Jul 2019 / En Sermons

Jesus could come today. For some that's good news, for others, a terrifying prospect. Which are you? Think you have many years before your death? Don't forget there's no prophecy that still must be fulfilled before Jesus comes! Learn what you must do to be ready.

Scripture References: 1 Thessalonians 1:7-10
Series: Our Coming King
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This Series:
1. Getting Ready for the Rapture [#1581]
2. A Panorama of Prophecy [#1582]
3. The Comfort of His Coming [#1583]
4. The Best Is Yet to Be [#1584]
5. Satan's Superman [#1586]
6. Our Coming King [#1588]

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